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1. Termite control

Termites usually feed on food, but when there is no food nearby they can feed on your home’s insulation, on books, paper, liners and such. They can destroy furniture in a matter of weeks and they cause yearly damages worth of billions of dollars. Termites can impact you not only financially, but emotionally as well – it is not easy to know that these little crawlers are feeding on your furniture or flooring.

Mud tubes are usually the most obvious sign of infestation, and these tubes can extend over the foundation walls, the floor joists, the support piers and such. On the other hand, if you notice pieces of hollowed wood that is another obvious sign of termite infestation.

2. Ant control

Ants are a common pest these days, and infestation usually occurs during the warm summer months. Ants come to your home in Vineland for two main reasons: they are either looking for a warm and comfortable place where they can sleep, or they are looking for food – either way, this pest involves a massive structure damage and possible hygiene and health threat that must be addressed.

3. Bedbug Extermination

Despite the fact that you can barely see them with the naked eye, bed bugs are very scary for most of us, given the fact that these parasitic insects feed only on blood. Like the name implies, these bugs are found in warm houses, either nearby or even inside the beds and the bedding. They are usually active at night and they feed on their hosts.

You can tell you are dealing with a bedbug infestation if you suffer from periodic skin rashes, bite symptoms or allergy-related symptoms. Fecal spots can also indicate an infestation (dark and small droppings that resemble sand). Pest control services even use trained bed bug detection dogs that can pinpoint infestations with an accuracy rate of up to 97 %.

4. Cockroach

Cockroaches are disgusting creatures, and even though they are nocturnal insects it is not uncommon to see some cockroaches during the day – as a matter a fact, spotting the insect is the most obvious sign of infestation. These insects prefer moist, dark places where they can breed, this is why they can usually be found behind sinks or refrigerators.

The health threats associated with cockroaches are not a secret: they can trigger asthma and worsen some of the already existing respiratory conditions and they can also transmit bacteria and viruses. Nine out of ten people do not know that their house is infested with cockroaches.

5. Rodent and mice

Last, but not least, rodents can also cause extensive damage in or around your home, especially since they multiply very quickly. The signs of rodent infestation are obvious, as they cause damage to the plumbing system or to the electrical wiring, they leave droppings and they make nests inside or outside your home. If you see random chew marks or you hear scampering noises, then the chances are that you are dealing with a rodent infestation.

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